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By: Sanjay SarathyAugust 29, 2017

The Collision of Machine Learning and Ransomware

Europe’s recent wave of ransomware attacks put ransomware on the map for many, and heightened concerns for others. The latest attack, which goes by several names including Petya, Petrwrap and [...]

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By: Nitin DondeAugust 9, 2017

Introducing Imanis Data

When my co-founders and I first came together in 2013 to discuss what would become Talena, our mission was clear: help companies minimize the impact of data loss in today’s [...]

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By: Sanjay Sarathy

Imanis Data 3.0: Machine Learning, New Data Platforms & Even Faster Performance

When we launched two years ago, the need to support companies building mission-critical applications on top of modern data platforms like Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop, MongoDB and Vertica was growing fast [...]

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By: Hari MankudeMay 4, 2017

Cloud Data Management at Exabyte Scale

Earlier this year I hosted a webinar that discussed the key data management challenges enterprises face when running or migrating big data workloads to the cloud. These workloads are moving [...]

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By: Jay DesaiApril 18, 2017

Backing Up and Restoring Very Large Data Streams

In this post, we highlight how Imanis Data helped an industrial manufacturer protect a very large DataStax Enterprise environment that is hosted in AWS.   Summary: A leading industrial manufacturer makes [...]

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By: Sanjay SarathyApril 12, 2017

What’s Next With Big Data: A Q&A with ONSET’s Shomit Ghose

ONSET Ventures General Partner Shomit Ghose has witnessed and invested in a variety of major technological disruptions ranging from SaaS and cloud, to Big Data and next generation security. In [...]

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By: Sapan ManiyarMarch 30, 2017

The Unique Capabilities of the Imanis Data HBase Connector

In this post we compare the Imanis Data HBase Connector with existing and proposed data protection solutions for Apache HBase. Imanis Data HBase connector design As with all Imanis Data [...]

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By: Jay DesaiMarch 13, 2017

Data Protection in a Complex Hadoop Deployment

Summary: One of the world’s largest financial services companies deploys Imanis Data to protect their Hadoop data lake and support business-critical analytics capabilities.   Industry: Financial Services. One of the largest financial [...]

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By: Hari MankudeMarch 6, 2017

Two Under-Appreciated Imanis Data Capabilities

Recently I have spent a lot of time working with existing customers to understand their requirements and help them take full advantage of the Imanis software for their modern data [...]

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