Rapid, Reliable Backup & Recovery

Can your modern data applications recover from a data disaster? A solid big data backup strategy is like having a really good insurance policy: It lets you sleep more soundly at night knowing you’re protected from the unexpected and unseen. Imanis Data provides efficient, cost-effective and reliable backup and recovery software for all of your modern data platform needs.

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Modern Data Backup

Go beyond mere snapshots and stock replication with the industry's leading backup solution for your modern data applications. Minimize impact to production, greatly reduce storage costs, and unburden scarce engineering resources.
  • Exponentially Scalable

    Expand with ease. Back up petabytes of data quickly and seamlessly, thanks to a distributed, scale-out architecture.

  • Incremental Forever

    Perform a full backup only once. All subsequent backups are incrementally copied to Imanis Data reducing storage footprint.

  • Application-Aware

    Enable point-in-time recovery that includes metadata such as file/directory attributes as well as table/database schemas.

  • Agentless

    Keep pace with nodes constantly being commissioned and decommissioned.

  • Storage Optimized

    Reduce storage footprint via global block-level deduplication, compression and erasure coding.

Data Backup & Recovery By The Numbers

Runs 10x FASTER than native NoSQL and Hadoop platform utilities.
Saves up to 80% on secondary storage costs.
Easily handles the scale of a single application

Through Reltio data-driven applications business users access and expect constant availability of this data. Imanis Data's backup, recovery and test data management solution is an ideal fit for our rapidly growing DataStax Enterprise environment, and their recent security and AWS S3 enhancements are critical for our customers, particularly in highly regulatory environments.

Zoltan Gombosi

Vice President, Engineering

The rapid rise of big data applications is changing how companies protect and manage the availability of data throughout the application life cycle -- concurrently we are acutely more aware of the tremendous business value that all data holds.

Nik Rouda

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

If you thought the need for backup somehow evaporated with the advent of Hadoop, its probably because you don't really understand backup.

Robin Bloor

Co-Founder & Chief Analyst

Business applications built on top of modern data platforms such as MongoDB and Cassandra are just as exposed to the threat of ransomware and critical data loss as traditional applications. Yet, many IT managers are just beginning to look at data protection requirements for these applications. IT organizations need to consider data protection tools designed specifically for these environments, such as Imanis Data, because some of the underlying architectural issues are different from traditional data types.

Phil Goodwin

Research Director

Speed and efficiency of recovery is vitally important in helping us achieve our business goals. We’ve found that Imanis Data 3.0 is the only platform that can easily scale with our growing business and data needs. Its rapid backup and recovery capabilities have reduced our potential downtime to a minimum and have helped our business run more efficiently.

Rodrigo Balan

Network Operations Manager

When we moved to a Big Data architecture, we knew that application and data recovery was a fundamental requirement. Where most companies fall short, Imanis Data provides that at scale.

Kersi Tavadia


Don't rebuild. RECOVER.

Reduce downtime caused by data loss - even in the event of human error or application corruption.
  • Fast

    Quickly locate lost objects using Imanis Data FastFind, our Google-style search interface.

  • Easy

    Single-click restore process eliminates the pain of a manual, multi-step recovery.

  • Granular

    Recover data down to an object level and to a specific point in time.

  • Flexible

    Recover back to the original cluster or to an alternate cluster with a completely different size and topology.

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Prior to using Imanis Data, one customer lost 400TB of data due to human error. It took four weeks to rebuild the data set, and cost the company over $1M in lost opportunities. How confident are you with your backup strategy?
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Data Loss: It isn’t about IF but WHEN

70% of companies have lost data in the past year. How confident are you about your recovery strategy?

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