2019 Starts With a Bang – Competitive Wins, Product Awards, Market Investment

In my last blog I discussed how NoSQL and Hadoop databases were crossing the tipping point in becoming critical pillars of organization’s data management strategy.  If the rest of the year is anything like January, 2019 is going to be a very interesting year for data management.  Here are some highlights of what’s happened just in the first 23 days of January.

Competitive Wins

We recently issued a press release showcasing our competitive win at MDL autoMation (MDL).  One of the automotive industry’s leaders in the application of IoT and SaaS-based technologies, MDL replaced Rubrik Datos IO with Imanis Data for enterprise backup and data management for their MongoDB databases.  Why?

As Eric Gutmann, Manager of Infrastructure at MDL stated, “We have very specific performance and management requirements that our previous backup software was unable to support.”  Those challenges included:

  • No Incremental Restore – daily QA refresh required a complete database restore that took 40 hours making it impossible to support their daily refresh requirement
  • Lack of Scalability – the backup solution required MDL to break backups into multiple chunks which in turn required creation and management of numerous backup policies
  • Limited Policy Management – the inability to edit existing policies or automatically recognize when new collections where added created significant management overhead

Switching to Imanis Data, MDL was up and running in less than a day, achieved 10x backup storage efficiency, 26x faster QA refresh time, and 95% reduction in number policies to manage.  You can read the entire case study here.

Other notable competitive wins I will detail in a future blog include a Fortune 100 financial services organization protecting 100TB+ of Couchbase and DataStax, and a Fortune 400 clinical laboratory protecting 100TB+ of Hadoop.

It’s great to win, but the more important message is these examples speak directly to the increasingly strategic value of Hadoop and NoSQL data and how it must be protected and managed.

Product Recognition

The year started on the right foot as well with Storage magazine naming Imanis Data to its list of finalist for SearchStorage’s 2018 Storage Products of the Year.  As I have discussed in previous blogs, according to recent research, 96% of organizations are using NoSQL and 50% are using Hadoop, but solutions from vendors like Veritas, Dell EMC, CommVault, and Cohesity are not architected for these massively scalable, distributed databases exposing enterprises to data loss and downtime.

The important message here is that customers are now demanding data management solutions that support Hadoop and NoSQL, creating a new battle ground for vendor differentiation and a must-have for any backup vendor that wants to remain competitive.

Market Investment

Probably the strongest indicator of the strategic importance of enterprise data management is the $1 billion in funding announced in the past eight months!

Earlier this year, Rubrik announced $261million in series E funding.  According to published reports Rubrik will use the funding to add technologies that it can deliver faster through acquisitions than internal development.  Rubrik notably acquired cloud database backup startup Datos IO in February of 2018.

As founder Bipul Sinha stated, “We’ll be opportunistic when it comes to acquiring products and technologies to expand our platform.” He identified artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics tools that help organizations get more out of their data as areas where Rubrik will expand. Sinha said these technologies can help Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management software deal with regulations such as GDPR.

One day after Rubrik’s announcement, Veeam Software announced that Insight Venture Partners had invested an additional $500 million in the data protection software vendor.   Veeam founder Ratmir Timashev said the vendor is looking to grow further by using its latest funding haul to acquire companies and technologies.

That’s a total investment in data protection and data management technologies of $761 million this month!  That plus the $250 million funding that Cohesity received in June 2018 and $100 million Actifio received last August brings total funding to $1 billion in the past eight months.

What It All Means

As I’ve stated before, innovation in enterprise data management is critical.  The proliferation of hybrid cloud, new data types, and the rise of agile development are wreaking havoc on traditional data management solutions which are predominantly legacy backup products with 20 year old architectures.  So, it’s exciting to see such large investments being made in data management innovation.  Yes, it’s great for the vendors but more importantly in the larger context data truly has become the life blood of an organization and continuing innovation in data management is needed to help all organizations address protection and management challenges for ALL of their data.

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