Announcing Our Couchbase Integration


Like our other existing integrations, our Couchbase support enables us to provide an extremely feature-rich and enterprise-scale Couchbase backup, recovery and test data management solution.


My co-founder has discussed in detail the differences between replication and backup. People often assume that having multiple, distributed copies or replicas protects their company from data loss. This is far from the truth. In fact, companies have lost millions of dollars incorrectly betting on their replica strategy and this is part of the reason that we founded Imanis Data.


Our Couchbase backup and test/dev management solution provides a number of unique benefits for customers:


  • Our incremental-forever approach ensures that both Couchbase backup and recovery times will be much faster than the traditional mechanism of going to the last full backup and applying the relevant incremental changes. In addition we provide a metadata catalog and Google-like search interface that enables you to rapidly identify the relevant restore point without any scripting.


  • We provide significant storage optimization that can reduce your OpEx by up to 80% with capabilities such as content-aware deduplication, compression, and erasure coding.


  • If your organization has deployed multiple big data sources, say Couchbase and Hadoop, Imanis Data provides a single pane of glass through which you can support multiple workflows against multiple data sources and even multiple platform versions.


  • To protect personally identifiable information (PII), Imanis Data supports masking of various fields as data gets mirrored to test/dev clusters, along with the ability to sample data sets to minimize unnecessary data movement.


  • Imanis Data provides a storage-agnostic approach that enables you to take advantage of direct-attached storage, NFS or SAN environments, and direct integration with cloud options such as AWS S3, Glacier and Azure Blob Storage.



These are just a few of the benefits we provide Couchbase customers. I encourage you to watch our two-minute product video, read our Couchbase datasheet and drop us a line if we can help you to expand the value of your Couchbase investment.

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