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One of my go-to books is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. Of all the habits, my favorite may be, ‘Begin with the end in mind’. According to Covey, it is based on the principle that ‘all things are created twice’, first the mental creation followed by the physical creation, just as a building follows a blueprint. In the world of high tech, the mental creation can be seen as a company’s vision, whereas the physical creation is the product/solution the company delivers against that vision. The most successful companies are those that not only have a clear vision but are able to deliver against that vision. That is why I recently joined Imanis Data!

Modern Data Management – Why Now

Driven by the need to remain competitive and differentiate themselves organizations are undergoing digital transformations and becoming increasingly data driven, constantly looking for ways to harness the value of their data to enable smarter decision making or to create better user experiences. The unprecedented volume of data being created and the need to store, access, and harness the value of that data has created fundamental shifts in IT:

  • Hybrid-cloud infrastructure is the new normal – public cloud platforms/services (e.g. AWS, Azure) have become a critical pillar of virtually every organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • Proliferation of modern Big Data and NoSQL data platforms – modern, micro-services based applications like IoT, eCommerce, Customer 365, and SaaS are built on massively scalable data platforms like Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and Vertica.
  • Confluence of data sprawl and data criticality – not only are organizations creating more unstructured data than ever before but they also want access to and insight from all of that data. Gone are the days where all the ‘important’ data sits in relational databases in the data center. Today, data is generated and resides virtually everywhere and needs to be managed.

What About Traditional Data Management Solutions?

These changes in aggregate have created a major challenge for traditional data management vendors like Commvault, Dell EMC, IBM, and Veritas, as well as more recent incumbents like Rubrik and Cohesity. While all of these vendors have considerable market share in the traditional data management space, their legacy architectures are not designed to be competitive in the new world of hybrid cloud and modern applications.

Justin Warren said it well in a recent Forbes article. “The challenge facing heritage competitors is that their products were designed for the technologies prevalent at the time. They aren’t bad per se, but the technology available when backup to tape was the norm created certain limitations. Software designed to work with those technologies required tradeoffs that wouldn’t be made today, if we were starting from scratch.”

Many would call this the innovator’s dilemma, but no matter what you call it a critical need exists for a new breed of enterprise data management designed for today’s data-driven, hybrid cloud world.

Enter Imanis Data

Imanis Data has the benefit of not being burdened with a 20-year old architecture. Instead, our founders began with the end in mind, recognizing that the future of data management would be grounded in cloud scale and machine learning, and they have spent the last 5 years building and maturing our flagship solution.

Our vision is to become the de facto standard for enterprise data management by delivering solutions that enable organizations to:

  • Protect – all of their Big Data and NoSQL application data regardless of location to ensure they can recover from data loss and downtime caused by natural or man-made events.
  • Orchestrate – reduce cost and harness the power of hybrid cloud infrastructure by copying, moving, or migrating data to the appropriate location based upon use-case, e.g. test/dev (with masking and sampling), archiving, analytics, compliance, and DR.
  • Automate – enhance employee productivity by automating data management processes, and create business value by leveraging machine-learning to ensure compliance, reduce cost, enable insight, and protect against cyber-attacks.

To deliver on our vision, the Imanis Data Platform (IDP) is next generation data management software that delivers capabilities not found in any other solution, including:

  • Unbounded Scale – Imanis is a single solution designed specifically for the scale requirements of all modern applications built on leading Big Data and NoSQL data platforms.
  • 10x Storage Efficiency – industry first, patent pending data reduction technologies combined with a global deduplication dictionary, that can span on-premises and cloud environments, together deliver >10x storage efficiency vs. traditional deduplication.
  • Machine-Learning (ML) Engines – modern data management must leverage machine learning and our platform includes a library of adaptive higher order machine learning algorithms that for the first time in the industry enable autonomous data management functionality. Our solution already ships with one native ML-enabled app (ThreatSense for anomaly detection) and we’ll be launching additional apps over time.

As a marketeer, what’s most exciting is that we are delivering against our vision today and have the customers to prove it! If you are not familiar with Imanis Data, I encourage you to check us out at

I look forward to sharing more details in future posts.

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