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By: Srinivas Vadlamani January 6, 2016

Vertica Backup and Recovery – Four Advantages of Using Imanis Data

As the architect for Imanis Data’s Vertica integration, I’ve helped a number of customers protect critical business data stored in Vertica. I’ve noticed that a number of Imanis Data’s capabilities are highly…

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By: Shailesh Parulekar November 17, 2015

Understanding Replication Versus Backup in a Big Data Environment

When we talk with customers who are implementing Big Data technologies, we are often presented with two scenarios leading to two questions:   We have multiple replicas of data on…

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By: Hari Mankude November 4, 2015

Why Is Imanis Data A Software-Defined Platform?

Software-defined secondary storage platform: That would be a mouthful if spoken, so let me explain what we mean by it and why we focused on building this architecture rather than relying…

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By: Jay Desai October 15, 2015

Vertica Backup and Recovery – Five Unexpected Use Cases

The rapid adoption of technologies such as social media, mobile, Internet of Things, and the cloud has resulted in the creation of large amounts of data that need to be…

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By: Phil Shelley September 29, 2015

Big Data and the Rise of the Enterprise Data Hub

The following guest post is from Dr. Phil Shelley. As former CTO of Sears Holdings, Dr. Shelley has several years experience in helping move a large iconic brand into a…

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By: Shailesh Parulekar September 21, 2015

Robust Workflow Management for Big Data Workloads

Big Data refers to large-scale structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data sets whose manipulation and management present significant logistical challenges. Most of the Big Data platforms (Hadoop, NoSQL, etc.) run on…

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By: Jay Desai September 14, 2015

Recovery-Centric Backup of Cassandra Databases

In my previous blog, I discussed some very important challenges with backup of Cassandra databases. To address these challenges, Imanis Data has developed a software-defined storage product to manage data in…

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By: Jay Desai September 8, 2015

Data Management Challenges With Cassandra Databases

With the growing popularity of NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, etc.), customers are generally comfortable running large-scale, mission-critical applications in production. Most of these applications are critical to the success…

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By: Srinivas Vadlamani September 1, 2015

Imanis Data and Data Masking

Imanis Data offers companies highly scalable data management software for NoSQL databases, Hadoop, and modern enterprise data warehouses. When such assets, or subsets of them, are deployed to smaller secondary…

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