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By: Jay Desai September 8, 2015

Data Management Challenges With Cassandra Databases

With the growing popularity of NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, etc.), customers are generally comfortable running large-scale, mission-critical applications in production. Most of these applications are critical to the success…

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By: Srinivas Vadlamani September 1, 2015

Imanis Data and Data Masking

Imanis Data offers companies highly scalable data management software for NoSQL databases, Hadoop, and modern enterprise data warehouses. When such assets, or subsets of them, are deployed to smaller secondary…

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By: Hari Mankude August 25, 2015

Big Data Backup Needs A New Architecture – Part 2

In a previous post, I outlined the major requirements for Big Data backup, including incremental-forever backups and fast, granular recovery. This post highlights additional requirements and summarizes how Imanis Data…

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By: Hari Mankude August 18, 2015

Big Data Backup Needs A New Architecture – Part 1

Big Data refers to immense amounts of structured and unstructured data that cannot be processed by traditional databases and software techniques. Examples of Big Data platforms include NoSQL databases like…

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