Case Study – Why a Fortune 400 Healthcare Company Selected Imanis Data for Hadoop Data Protection and Management

Case studies are a great way to articulate to readers the value we provide to our customers.  Let’s look at a recent Imanis Data ‘win’ from the customer perspective – environment, challenges, solution, and results.

The Environment

The customer is a Fortune 400 healthcare company.  They have a 100 TB on-premises Hadoop cluster used for analytics.  This data is critical and needs to be protected against user error and application corruptions as well as to meet compliance requirements.

The Challenge

The customer was faced with two challenges:

  • Large Scale Hadoop Backup – the customer needed to ensure their data was protected, and do so in a time and cost-efficient manner.
  • Support for Test / Dev – the customer had a need to make production data available for testing & development, but due to the sensitive nature of the data they are storing in Hadoop, they were not allowed to expose PII data in non-production environments.

The Solution

Using Imanis Data, the customer is able to successfully backup all their Hadoop data and support their test/dev requirements.  There are several key capabilities of the Imanis Data solution that make this possible:

  • Backup Performance – our massively scalable architecture provides unparalleled backup and restore performance for Hadoop data sets from terabytes to petabytes, enabling the customer to meet all their RPO and RTO requirements.
  • Masking – Using the masking capabilities of our solution, the customer is able to hide personal and confidential information thereby addressing their regulatory and privacy requirements while allowing them to make copies of production data for test/dev purposes.
  • Policy Management – backup and test/dev (with masking) processes are both completely automated using our data management policy engine.
  • Security – the Hadoop environment is very secure and involves Kerberos and SSL.  Imanis Data is able to work natively in this secure Hadoop environment while seamlessly protecting their data.

The Result

By deploying Imanis Data’s enterprise data management solution, the customer was able to protect all of their Hadoop data against user errors or application corruptions, while also making real world data available to their development and testing teams resulting in more productivity and more reliable applications, all while adhering to compliance and regulatory requirements.

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