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Business-critical data.

Data is no longer just important to business. A company’s data IS the business. Data is the foundation upon which every success, and every failure, sits. To support this new data-centric landscape, all kinds of business-critical applications are being built to drive today’s enterprise. From IoT to fraud detection to online personalization, these apps are spreading -- and making the protection of these data assets top of mind and critically important. Traditional approaches can't handle the scale of these larger data sets, so companies need a new approach to manage their mission-critical applications on modern data platforms. They need intelligent systems to effectively manage and quickly recover data in the event of corruption, loss or ransomware attacks so they can get up and running faster with minimal downtime and costs. As data resilience becomes even more essential to business, more intelligent, rapid data recovery is a must-have.

Scalable Backup. Rapid Recovery. Smart Storage.

Imanis Data was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping large enterprises back up and recover modern data sets faster, more efficiently and at scale to reduce downtime and quickly get them back in business. Our founding team has decades of combined IT and engineering experience in modern data platforms, data management and storage infrastructure. Imanis Data's award-winning solutions are trusted by leading Fortune 500 businesses in the retail, financial services and travel industries.

The Fastest Backup and Recovery Software for Modern Data Platforms

The fastest cloud-ready backup and recovery platform on the market, Imanis Data has built-in machine intelligence to handle massive data sets -- terabytes, petabytes and beyond -- with mission-critical applications sitting on top of modern data platforms such as Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop, MongoDB and Vertica. Its early detection of ransomware attacks and proactive identification of accidental data loss reduces downtime to minutes and hours from days and weeks. Imanis Data's distributed scale-out architecture can recover huge petabyte-scale data sets at a granular level 5-10 times faster than any alternative in the market. Faster and safer. Scalable and reliable. The world’s top banks, retailers, marketers, tech companies and manufacturers choose Imanis Data.
Through Reltio data-driven applications business users access and expect constant availability of this data. Imanis Data's backup, recovery and test data management solution is an ideal fit for our rapidly growing DataStax Enterprise environment, and their recent security and AWS S3 enhancements are critical for our customers, particularly in highly regulatory environments.

Zoltan Gombosi

Vice President, Engineering

The rapid rise of big data applications is changing how companies protect and manage the availability of data throughout the application life cycle -- concurrently we are acutely more aware of the tremendous business value that all data holds.

Nik Rouda

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

If you thought the need for backup somehow evaporated with the advent of Hadoop, its probably because you don't really understand backup.

Robin Bloor

Co-Founder & Chief Analyst

Business applications built on top of modern data platforms such as MongoDB and Cassandra are just as exposed to the threat of ransomware and critical data loss as traditional applications. Yet, many IT managers are just beginning to look at data protection requirements for these applications. IT organizations need to consider data protection tools designed specifically for these environments, such as Imanis Data, because some of the underlying architectural issues are different from traditional data types.

Phil Goodwin

Research Director

Speed and efficiency of recovery is vitally important in helping us achieve our business goals. We’ve found that Imanis Data 3.0 is the only platform that can easily scale with our growing business and data needs. Its rapid backup and recovery capabilities have reduced our potential downtime to a minimum and have helped our business run more efficiently.

Rodrigo Balan

Network Operations Manager

When we moved to a Big Data architecture, we knew that application and data recovery was a fundamental requirement. Where most companies fall short, Imanis Data provides that at scale.

Kersi Tavadia


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Imanis Data is actively looking for innovative minds that enjoy the challenges of building breakthrough technologies and companies. We are recruiting for individuals in sales, marketing, and engineering. If you have the skills and are passionate about Big Data, storage, and distributed systems, we want to talk to you
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The founders of Imanis Data recognized that a new data management architecture is needed to handle the scale-out requirements of modern, big data platforms. The Talena software product integrates machine learning with unique storage optimization techniques to significantly reduce the cost of backup, recovery, test data management and archiving.
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