Expansion of Microsoft Azure Support With Azure Data Lake Store Integration

With our 3.1 release we now support Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) and we’ve made this version available via the Azure Marketplace.  With support for both Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store, Imanis Data provides a great deal of storage flexibility based on the specific application workload you run in Microsoft Azure. Importantly, enterprises can significantly reduce the cost of deploying their big data applications in the cloud while simultaneously ensuring petabyte-scale protection of their modern data assets.


Microsoft provides a fairly comprehensive table comparing the two storage options across multiple dimensions.  At a high level Azure Data Lake Store is a hierarchical file system ideal for big data workloads especially those that involve heavy parallelism, while Azure Blob Store is an object store that provides a more general purpose storage infrastructure. With support for both, Imanis Data provides a unique data management infrastructure for companies running modern data workloads in Microsoft Azure or moving workloads to Microsoft Azure.  


With Imanis Data enterprises can support multiple use cases in Microsoft Azure including:


  1. Rapid cloud migration of application workloads from on-prem and other cloud infrastructure to Microsoft Azure environments with the ability to transparently tier storage based on specific needs. In other words, Imanis Data can manage both block and storage environments and can migrate data between the two tiers, reducing the overall cost to the organization.
  2. Disaster recovery scenarios in which production HDInsight data is stored in ADLS for better performance while Imanis Data mirrors data to a much smaller DR cluster (potentially in a separate region) which uses Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB). The compute elements for the DR cluster can be spun up on-demand during an actual disaster, and since Azure Blob Storage is cheaper than the equivalent ADLS storage, an organization can save significant OpEx while meeting their business continuity requirements.
  3. Highly scalable backup, recovery, test data management (data mirroring) across a variety of modern data platforms including HDInsight, Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, Couchbase, MongoDB, and Vertica.
  4. A hybrid architecture that selectively mirrors data between the customer’s on-premise data center and Microsoft Azure.




You can learn more about our support for Microsoft Azure via this on-demand webinar and on our site.  Contact us with any questions.

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