How Imanis Spent our September – Operation 4-3-2-1

Your obvious first question of course is, “What’s operation 4,3,2,1?” Simply put, September was an epic month for Imanis Data, comprised of:

  • Attending FOUR events
  • In THREE weeks
  • Executing TWO product launches
  • All with ONE goal

It was an amazing journey and so we wanted to share some of the highlights in this blog.

FOUR events

One of Imanis Data’s core value propositions is that we are one solution for all your Hadoop and NoSQL data management needs for both on-premises and cloud workloads. The practical implication is that we need to stay in touch with constituents across the many platforms we support and September is a huge month for Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud events, so off we went, attending:

  • Strata Data Conference – September 12-13 in New York City where we spent time with thought leaders from Google, DataStax, Cloudera, HortonWorks and many others. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with our Silicon Angle friends during our interview on theCUBE.
  • Distributed Data Summit – September 14th in San Francisco – was a great opportunity to spend time with Cassandra architects and active practitioners all who have data management problems they need to solve.
  • Couchbase Connect – September 19th in San Jose – where we spent time with our valued partner Couchbase and engaged with their customers and prospects to talk about how Imanis Data can help them.
  • Microsoft Ignite – September 24th-28th in Orlando –where we finished the month with a bang, hanging out with technology leaders and practitioners shaping the future of cloud and data. We were also able to spend some more time with our friends on theCUBE.

THREE weeks

These events occurred within a three week span in which the Imanis Data team traversed the country twice and racked up over 50,000 cumulative miles of travel!

TWO launches

The events were fantastic but we also had lots of product news to share, so much so that we needed two separate launches, covering:

Launch #1 – Imanis Data Platform Update – Multiple Industry Firsts


Version 4.0 of the Imanis Data Management Platform (IDMP) builds on our technology leadership with multiple industry firsts, including:

  • Imanis SmartPoliciesTM delivers industry-first autonomous, machine learning-powered backup for NoSQL and Hadoop.
  • Imanis ThreatSenseTM Intelligence Augmentation integrates human feedback with our machine learning-powered anomaly detection for applications including ransomware and malicious attack prevention.
  • Industry-first automated any-point-in-time recovery (APITR) for NoSQL optimizes recovery time and delivers complete recovery point flexibility.
  • Enhanced enterprise capabilities expand our database ecosystem leadership and further simplify the user experience.


According to recent research from ESG, 78% of organizations currently use NoSQL databases and an additional 18% plan to in the future. Additionally, 84% of organizations are already using or are interested in using Hadoop. In other words, Hadoop and NoSQL applications are running in virtually every enterprise on-premises and in the cloud. While on-premises and cloud-based Hadoop and NoSQL deployments are proliferating rapidly, innovation around enterprise data management tools has not kept pace – exposing organizations to data loss, downtime, and cyber-attacks. This is the problem Imanis Data set out to solve, and with 4.0 we have taken another big step forward in doing just that!

To get an outsiders perspective on the launch check out these new assets:
ESG Brief: Imanis Data Launches Version 4.0 and Delivers Machine Learning-Based RPO
Actual Tech Whitepaper: Discover Modern Data Management

If you want to learn more about what we launched, visit our launch page here.

Launch #2 – Data Orchestration with a Capital ‘O’


Eliminating data silos and boundaries are two of the problems Imanis Data set out to solve with our machine-learning powered enterprise data management platform. Our solution already enables complete data freedom by providing automated migration of data seamlessly across databases and cloud boundaries as follows:

  • Migration of data across like-to-like databases (e.g. upgrading to a later version of MongoDB)
  • Migration of data across like-to-unlike databases (e.g. changing from one Hadoop database to another)
  • Migration of like-to-like or like-to-unlike database from on-premises to public cloud platforms (e.g. Datastax on-premises to Datastax in the cloud, or MongoDB on-premises to Azure Cosmos DB)

Specifically in response to the massive migration of data to the cloud, we announced with Microsoft new data protection and orchestration capabilities designed to help enterprises migrate data to Microsoft Azure, specifically:

  • ‘Any NoSQL’ to Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Migration
  • Azure Data Lake Storage 2.0 Data Protection and Migration
  • HDInsight Data Protection and Cloud Migration


Enterprises at the intersection of big data and cloud are looking to optimize their data strategy while leveraging the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and risks. As a result, two key trends have emerged:

  • Proliferation of Hadoop and NoSQL Data Silos – in an effort to be more agile, individual lines-of-business, data teams, and DevOps teams are building new applications based upon Hadoop and NoSQL resulting in multiple silos of data across the enterprise.
    Massive Migration to the Cloud – Recognizing the cost and efficiency benefits of the cloud for infrastructure-as-a-service, these same enterprises are rapidly building new applications in the cloud and/or migrating applications from on-premises to the cloud. The result is that cloud platforms including Azure Data Lake Storage, HDInsight, and Azure Cosmos DB are among the fastest growing cloud services.
  • In aggregate, silos of data and the inability to easily manage data across database cloud boundaries significantly undermines organizations’ ability to accelerate implementation of an enterprise-wide data strategy. Our announcement goes a long way towards solving this issue.

You can learn more about the announcement here. For those of you already using Microsoft Azure, our solution is available on Microsoft Marketplace here.

All with ONE goal

As organizations increasingly rely upon Hadoop and NoSQL for business critical workloads running both on-premises and in the cloud, the risks of data loss, the cost of downtime, and the threat of cyber-attacks, have never been higher! Hence our ONE goal; to continue educating enterprises on the critical need to have a comprehensive data protection and management strategy to ensure their data is always available.

Based upon the conversations and engagements we had in September, Operation 4,3,2,1 was a big win-win for Imanis Data, our customers, and our partners.

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