Introducing Imanis Data 3.3: Enhanced Machine Learning, DR for Hadoop, Rapid Recovery Testing, and more…

As organizations continue to become more reliant upon distributed databases (e.g. Cassandra, Cloudera, Couchbase, Hortonworks, MongoDB) for their business-critical applications like IoT, eCommerce, Customer 360, and SaaS the need to protect and manage the associated data sets becomes more critical.

Today, we’re excited to share the latest release of our machine learning powered data management platform, v3.3. Our newest capabilities enhance organization’s ability to protect themselves against ransomware, recovery quickly in the face of a data center outage, and frequently and easily test their recovery readiness. Here are the key highlights of our latest solution:

Enhanced Ransomware Detection

Data anomalies such as ransomware attacks encrypting data, malicious data deletion by a disgruntled employee, DBA’s that accidentally update a large amount of data can go unnoticed for a long time. As evidenced in a recent spate of ransomware attacks on Big Data platforms such as Cassandra and Hadoop, this threat is real. By the time these anomalies are detected, it is too late and organizations have to resort to a long and tedious process of restoring that data from backups or suffer from data loss. The earlier these anomalies are detected, the sooner organizations can address the root cause.

If you are not already familiar, Threatsense is our machine enabled capability that reduces risk of data loss by early detection of data anomalies such as ransomware attacks or mass data deletions. In the latest version, we have increased by 50% the number of metrics ThreatSense uses to build the baseline data patterns that future data points are validated against. The increased number of baseline metrics result in higher granularity anomaly detection and fewer false positive indications. The Imanis Data UI reports these anomalies and the associated confidence levels.

Disaster Recovery for Hadoop

Critical Big Data systems need to be protected in case of a disaster.  This is typically done by maintaining a full copy of the data in a remote data center or cloud.  With v3.3, customers now have a completely automated, script-free, and reliable data replication solution for disaster recovery.

We have enhanced our mirroring workflow to give users the ability to perform granular data replication for specific data sets (databases, tables, directories, files) to another cluster in the DR data center. Data and metadata can be incrementally transferred between the source and target clusters is depending on business RPO requirements.

Simple, Fast Recovery Testing

As a best practice, IT administrators must periodically test their backups to ensure they are restorable.  Although most administrators would agree, in reality they are extremely busy with many other things and they seldom perform periodic restores putting them at risk of data loss.  Our new Recovery Sandboxtm gives administrators more confidence in their backup and recovery process by enabling them to easily verify their data for restorability on an as-needed basis with not impact on production systems.

Enhanced Point-In-Time Recovery Options

One of the key value propositions of Imanis Data is the fact that we make data recovery fast, simple, and reliable compared to alternative approaches.  These recovery enhancements make recovery simpler and more powerful.  The latest release incorporates a new time travel widget in the recovery workflow.  The new widget simplifies the process involved in navigating the various restore points retained by the user based on their retention policy.  For example, if a user wants to restore data from a specific point in time, the new widget allows them to enter a date and time and the widget scrolls directly to the closes restore point.  The widget also allows the user to go back to a selected restore point with a single click instead of having to scroll through all the restore points.

Broadest Data Source Ecosystem in the Industry

Imanis Data strives to maintain the broadest and most current support for distributed database platforms.  With v3.3, Imanis Data is now tested and certified with DSE 5.1.8, MongoDB 3.6, HDP 2.6, and CDH 5.14, in addition to Apache Cassandra 3.11, Couchbase 5.1.0 and Vertica 7.2.3.

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