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When my co-founders and I first came together in 2013 to discuss what would become Talena, our mission was clear: help companies minimize the impact of data loss in today’s modern data ecosystem; a big data world built around NoSQL databases, Hadoop and newer data warehouse technologies. Much has changed since those early days and we’re excited to reveal our new name: Imanis Data. The Latin root, immanis, means immense, huge or vast. Our new name — and our new website — better reflect who we are today, the vast modern data challenges we’re helping leading enterprises address – and where we’re collectively headed, as massive amounts of data, and the insights we can glean from it, push us forward.


We’re also thrilled to unveil our next-generation data management software platform, and you can learn more about that in our official press release, as well as our blog post. A company’s data – and how it’s managed, protected, analyzed and optimized – is strategic and a top-of-mind concern across the C-suite. Companies are building critically important modern data applications at a rapid pace and issues around minimizing data loss are increasingly top of mind.


Like many start-ups before us, we started with a simple idea to address a complex problem. The rise in new business-critical applications exposes companies to greater risk for human and application errors as well as ransomware, and losing critical data would mean weeks of downtime for some, an irreversible loss for others. What’s more, we knew that companies would need infinite scale and unmatched performance to protect these enormous data sets in this new era.


Our success is in large part thanks to the support of our earliest customers and partners who took a chance on a start-up with a game-changing promise. Would it prove to be too good to be true? We are proud to say, no. We delivered and the market responded.


An industry first when we launched in 2015, the Imanis Data software remains the industry’s fastest data backup and recovery solution with built-in machine intelligence to handle massive data sets and effectively manage and quickly recover data in the event of corruption or loss. Today we protect thousands of production nodes across dozens of Fortune 500 companies. What’s more, we’re minimizing downtime costs that average $750K per incident and saving our customers up to 80% on secondary storage needs.


We’ve seen rapid growth across our customer base in nearly every sector with significant traction in financial services, retail, manufacturing and technology. We’re also proud to have built a robust partner ecosystem that includes more than a dozen of the world’s leading technology, consulting and reseller partners.


We’re committed to constantly enhancing our high-performance data management architecture that gives our customers peace of mind allowing them to put all that business-critical data to good use. We’re excited about introducing many more companies to the unique and critical capabilities of Imanis Data—to helping them prevent data loss and realize the benefits of strategic backup and recovery.

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