Looking Back and Forward: Part 2


In my previous post I highlighted some of our key accomplishments and the lessons we learned in 2016. In this post, I want to focus on the key trends we anticipate driving our business and big data more generally in 2017.


IT Ops Increasingly Takes Ownership of Big Data Management

We believe a large percentage of our 2017 business will originate with DevOps and Engineering teams as they deploy distributed database applications for their line of business. As these applications emerge into Tier 1 status, however, they will come under the purview of IT Ops. As big data applications mature, we anticipate the need for software-defined data management to only grow within this community – and our focus on cost savings, compliance and business agility will continue to directly support this trend.


Machine Learning Will Drive Automation In Data Management

Machine learning is rapidly impacting every part of a technology stack as a means to overcome some of the limitations associated with human-intensive processes. This trend will affect the data management space as well, and we see plenty of opportunities for machine learning to deliver significant value for companies looking to better protect their data assets against accidental loss and support critical compliance goals.


The Partner Ecosystem as a Catalyst in Data Management Adoption


Over the past several months we have seen a wave of interest from partners whose customers are asking the right types of big data management questions – the types of questions that prompt the partner to contact us. These are no longer just fulfillment questions but strategic questions that impact the success of a company’s big data initiatives, and overall success.


  1. Am I adequately protected against data loss?
  2. How should I think about synthetic versus actual data for my test development needs?
  3. What are my secondary storage options if my applications are deployed in a public cloud?


Data Management Isn’t Just The Purview of Early Adopters


We’ve been pleasantly surprised by companies using our software that traditionally aren’t considered early technology adopters: insurance companies, healthcare, and life-sciences companies. We believe the benefits of big data and the relevance of enterprise data management are cutting their way across all industries, and we only expect the diversity of companies using our solution to continue.


We’re very excited about 2017 – it’s already off to a great start with add-on purchases from existing clients, purchases from new ones, and new partnerships coming to fruition. I look forward to keeping you abreast of our progress – and perhaps learning more about how we might help you and your organization support and manage these trends.

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