Migrating Hadoop Data to Microsoft Azure – part 2

In the previous post, we discussed the different scenarios that enterprises face migrating Hadoop data to and within Microsoft Azure. Imanis Data is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud services and addresses the many requirements for these Hadoop migration scenarios.  The Imanis Data software solution provides a compelling set of capabilities making it the ideal data management solution for Hadoop and other big data sources that need to be migrated to Microsoft Azure.


  • Minimize application downtime. This is one of the key business requirements for many Hadoop migration use cases described in the previous post.  While the source cluster is running, data can be transferred incrementally to the target cluster.  When it is time to switch to the target cluster, user access to the source cluster can be disabled and the final incremental transfer can be performed thereby significantly reducing downtime.


  • Simplify Platform Migration and Version Upgrades. The platform agnostic and application-aware Imanis Data architecture makes Hadoop migration across data platforms and versions a snap.  No lengthy and complex data migration tasks are required.


  • Ensure Compliance. Use the Imanis Data consistent and irreversible masking capability to secure confidential data and ensure it does not proliferate from production to non-production environments or across geographic boundaries.


  • Reduce Compute Costs. Tight integration with Azure HDInsights, WASB, and ADLS allows target cluster to run with two head nodes and one small data node.  As a result, the target cluster will be significantly smaller than the source cluster.

Migrating Hadoop to Azure HDInsights




  • Reduce Data Storage Costs. By migrating only the necessary data and to the right storage technology, organizations can significantly reduce storage costs during the migration process.  The Imanis Data software allows selection of specific database objects for migration or sampling and filtering data.  Since Imanis Data is storage agnostic, migration to lower costs storage such as WASB is also possible.


  • Ensure Data Consistency. The Imanis Data software is application aware and supports Hive, HBase, Spark, etc.  As a result, Imanis Data software migrates both the data objects (databases, tables, partitions, etc.) but also the associated metadata (schema) and ensures that the data and metadata are synchronized so the migrated data is consistent.


  • Reduce Management Complexity with Agentless Architecture. Imanis Data does not require any agents or software to be installed on the Hadoop nodes. It is a completely agentless architecture and as a result minimizes associated management overhead.

Review our datasheet to get deeper insights into our capabilities for cloud migration to Microsoft Azure and also check us out in the Azure marketplace.

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