Top Brands Choose Talena: Award-winning Software Reaches Major Data Milestone

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Talena Now Protects 500 Nodes and Over One Petabyte of DataStax Data

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – May 16, 2017) – Talena, Inc., a pioneer in enterprise data management for modern big data platforms, has announced that in just 12 months it has seen a more than 10X growth in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) customers relying on its award-winning data management software for improved backup, recovery and test data management. The company now has more than 500 nodes and over one petabyte of DataStax data under management across a wide range of enterprise customers in markets that include financial services, technology, retail and manufacturing.


The cost of data loss is high. According to the 2016 Global Data Protection Index, the average cost per incident exceeded $900,000 last year. And these data recovery and IT-related costs do not include the indirect costs resulting from the negative brand and reputation impact, especially since many of these losses can be attributed to customer-facing apps. A leading software company turned to Talena to simplify backup and recovery for their large multi-datacenter DataStax deployment. Before Talena, they were relying on internal scripts to take snapshots across 32 terabytes of data in a 75-node DSE cluster, spread across four data centers — a time-intensive process with big data loss potential, and a huge drain on storage resources. With Talena, they are able to back up their entire production cluster safely and efficiently, a task previously unachievable. Talena’s multi-datacenter capabilities eliminate the need to transfer huge amounts of data across a wide area network.


“We are living in a right-now economy where companies are building cloud applications that have extraordinary data demands. As companies continue to develop critical business applications with DataStax Enterprise, it is clear that protecting against data loss with a value-add software solution like Talena is important to customer satisfaction goals,” said Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax. “DataStax is excited to partner with Talena to provide our customers an always-on, scalable solution that can deliver instantly actionable insight for their applications to support the growing data management needs of successful enterprises worldwide.”


“Companies recognize the importance of enterprise data management to protect against data loss and support compliance requirements, and we’ve seen this reflected in our steady and significant customer adoption from a variety of Fortune 500 companies, from financial services and retail to tech and manufacturing,” said Talena CEO Nitin Donde. “Our highly distributed architecture and ability to seamlessly handle petabytes of data highlights our commitment to the Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax communities and we look forward to supporting many more leading organizations in their efforts to manage and protect their tier 1 business apps in 2017 and beyond.”


Not Just a Data Story, It’s a Business Story

Companies are managing much larger data volumes and data types, and have exponentially larger groups of users interacting with that data, resulting in less predictable data management workloads and usage scenarios. What’s more, big data applications are rapidly moving from prototyping into production, making data loss far more relevant and compliance and protection more imperative. Companies relying on Talena benefit from:

  • Rapid Recovery. Users can easily find objects via Talena’s Google-like metadata catalog, called FastFind™, which enables data recovery at a granular level and the ability to recover to outside the production environment.
  • Unlimited Scalability. The Talena architecture allows the Talena cluster to easily scale to as many nodes as a company’s production infrastructure dictates.
  • Critical Compliance Support. Protecting confidential/PII data, Talena allows companies to automate the masking of specific data fields as part of the data mirroring process.
  • Faster Application Iteration. By providing self-service access to production data with built-in sampling and filtering, the Talena architecture allows QA and product teams to release applications faster.


For more information, visit Talena Resources here.


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Talena delivers optimized backup, recovery, test data management and archive functions for modern big data platforms, enabling users to prevent data loss, minimize compliance risk, and deliver applications faster. Talena’s award-winning software-defined data management solution protects critical business assets while helping companies greatly reduce overall capital and operating costs. Based in Silicon Valley, Talena is backed by Canaan Partners, Intel Capital, ONSET Ventures and Wipro Ventures. For more information, visit



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