NoSQL and Data as Business Currency


The following guest post is from Robin Schumacher, Vice President of Products at DataStax. 


With data doubling every two years and only 0.5% of that data currently analyzed companies now have ample opportunities to take advantage of disruptive technology and leverage their data as their primary business currency. Entire industries are reshaping how they interact with customers and deliver product or services, based on effective processing of data sets that are newly accessible. Here are two examples:


Retail — Retailers of all stripes are optimizing customer personalization, fine-tuning inventory management, and delivering new payment methods to acquire customers. New data streams will help retailers in a number of different ways:


  • A true omnichannel experience will facilitate interaction across offline and online transactions
  • The advent of connected devices, a.k.a. the Internet of Things (IoT), will spawn the way in which retailers deliver targeted offers, manage inventory levels, and even provide automated checkout capabilities
  • Mobile shopping data will help retailers understand the buying patterns of customers


Health care — The ideal of personalized health care has been around for quite some time, but implementing that ideal has been challenging because data sets related to any one patient are often fragmented, varied, and quite large. With new technologies companies can process those different data streams to identify and shape how health care is delivered. For instance,


  • Data will be collected from patient-monitoring devices;
  • That data will be mapped to the patient’s records; and
  • Effective privacy and compliance standards will continue to be met.


Those critical components will help health care providers, life science firms, and researchers advance the cause of healthier living.


NoSQL databases are critical to these digitally-based data processing requirements because they can handle high-volume, low-latency applications. The fastest growing databases best suited for the Internet age are open-source, NoSQL stores like Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise, which overcome many limitations inherent in the traditional relational model. Data-centric businesses are searching for systems that can process petabytes of data in real time, provide continuous availability, and support flexible data models. Companies like Apple, Netflix, and Grainger are betting significant parts of their business on NoSQL stores delivering those requirements.


As NoSQL applications become mainstream, they are invariably subject to service-level agreements (SLAs). The always-on property of those applications has accelerated the growth of enabling technologies for security, data management, and analytics, while expediting the rapid adoption of NoSQL databases. At DataStax we have seen an extraordinary growth in the number of companies that have created software products optimized for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, empowering those companies to fully unlock the inherent value in those data sets.


The winners in this data-centric world will be those companies that can advantageously utilize their data sets to build tighter customer relationships, upend the existing status quo, and innovate with new business models. Increasingly, NoSQL data stores will be at the heart of these business transformations and at the forefront of the vision of an always-on data environment.

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