Built for Petabyte Scale,
Data Aware,
Powered by Machine Learning

Imanis Data's unique approach delivers all of the capabilities you need to tackle your toughest data management challenges.

Petabyte Scale Agentless Architecture

Let go of past strategies for managing modern data platforms. The Imanis Data architecture easily adapts to the elastic nature of modern data platforms by scaling to thousands of nodes
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Recovery Performance to Meet Any RPO and RTO

Don’t burn the haystack looking for the needle. Search and restore objects at a granular level using FastFind, a Google-style search interface backed by a powerful metadata catalog that scales
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Machine Learning Powered Ransomware Protection

Modernize your backup strategy with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for smart, RPO-driven policies and advanced protection against ransomware attacks and other anomalous behaviors. Search, query, and process your backed-up data
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Multi-Stage Data Reduction Increase Backup Storage Efficiency up to 90%

Handle the diverse, compressed file formats of modern data platforms using the industry’s only adaptive multi-stage data reduction technology.
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Cloud-Centric Data Backup Design

Imanis Data’s policy-driven architecture for modern block, object, and cold storage technologies offers seamless storage tiering at cloud scale. Native cloud support allows easy and transparent backup, recovery, and migration
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Latest News and Blog

By: Peter Smails
October 03, 2018

How Imanis Spent our September – Operation 4-3-2-1

Your obvious first question of course is, “What’s operation 4,3,2,1?” Simply put, September was an epic month for Imanis Data, comprised of: Attending FOUR events In THREE weeks Executing TWO…


By: Peter Smails
September 24, 2018

Breaking Down Data Silos – The Critical Role of Data Orchestration in Enterprise Data Management

Data orchestration often gets overshadowed by its higher profile data protection sibling but recent trends are shining a bright light on this important data management capability. In this blog, we’ll…


By: Peter Smails
September 18, 2018

Taking Backup out of Human Hands

Introducing Imanis Data v4.0 Today is an exciting day for us as we announce a major new release of the Imanis Data Management Platform. This latest release includes multiple industry…


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