Recovery-Centric Backup of Cassandra Databases


In my previous blog, I discussed some very important challenges with backup of Cassandra databases. To address these challenges, Imanis Data has developed a software-defined storage product to manage data in Big Data environments which includes Cassandra databases. In this blog, I share some of the salient benefit and recovery features of the Imanis Data backup for Cassandra databases.


1. Recovery made simple: search, click, and restore


With Imanis Data, not only are backup of Cassandra databases automated and extremely simple to implement, but so too are recoveries. Using Imanis Data FastFind™, you search for keyspaces and tables that need to be recovered, browse the various backup copies, and restore to any previous point in time. All this is possible with a graphical user interface that eliminates writing any scripts. Cassandra backup and recovery cannot be simpler!


2. Recovery made flexible: your choice of when and where


With Imanis Data, you choose the how and where of data recovery. Tables and keyspaces can be recovered to the original or to an alternate cluster. Tables and keyspaces can also be recovered to a different sized cluster. Recovered table names can be renamed using a suffix. Backup of Cassandra databases cannot be more flexible!


3. Recovery made faster: keep backups local


Imanis Data allows you to keep your backups next to your production data. If your Cassandra database is on-premises, you can store the backups on-premises. Faster recovery, faster backup, lower costs!


4Backups stored efficiently: keep backups longer


Imanis Data de-duplicates Cassandra SSTables as a first step towards reducing backup storage footprint. Multiple replicas are stored only once with some additional storage provisioned to account for out-of-sync replicas. SSTable de-duplication also takes away the negative effect caused by compaction. In addition to de-duplication, Imanis Data uses aggressive compression techniques to further reduce backup storage footprint. This allows you to keep virtually unlimited backup copies of your Cassandra database to meet business SLAs.


5. Single pane of glass: all Big Data, all use cases


Using a single user interface, Imanis Data software allows you to manage all your Big Data assets including Cassandra, Vertica, Hadoop, etc. In addition to supporting multiple versions of these data sources, you can also manage multiple use cases (backup, test/dev management, archiving) using a single pane of glass.


6. Real-world data for testing: develop better applications


Instead of using fabricated data for testing, Imanis Data allows you to populate your test and development environments with a smaller representative sample of anonymized or masked production data to enable better quality applications and at the same time maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.


A number of Cassandra customers have already deployed the Imanis Data backup and recovery solution for Cassandra to address their challenges. To learn more about the Imanis Data software solution, read our Cassandra solution brief, our white paper or contact us with any questions you have.

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