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Highly Scalable Data Management for Couchbase

Couchbase is at the forefront of the NoSQL movement and is deployed widely in organizations seeking to participate in and profit from the Digital Economy. Companies in industries as varied from hospitality to financial services have deployed Couchbase as a highly scalable database platform to support applications that require high throughput, elastic scalability, high availability, and mobile support. These business-critical applications include profile management, the Internet of Everything, fraud detection, and content management.

The growing popularity of Couchbase makes data protection and test/dev management of even greater importance, as “always-on” data is central to running the business. Companies often believe that having multiple, distributed replicas will prevent data loss. However, application corruption, ransomware, and human errors make this strategy an ineffective one as dropped buckets will just propagate across replicas. These all-too-common risks make rapid data recovery of the Couchbase infrastructure absolutely essential to sustaining business operations. Platform tools or home grown solutions cannot handle the large volume of data, so companies need a new approach to manage their Couchbase applications. They need intelligent systems to effectively and quickly clone or recover data so they can get up and running faster with minimal downtime. More intelligent, rapid data management is a must-have in today’s modern data world.



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