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The exponential growth of modern data platforms – Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and emerging data warehouses (Vertica, Impala) – has resulted in new applications that are increasingly at the center of a company’s business operations. These applications enable executives to better understand customer behavior, detect potential fraud, and even optimize sensors. However, they require an industrial-strength data management solution to prevent data loss, combat ransomware, ensure rapid application iteration, and minimize compliance risk.

The petabyte-scale Imanis Data solution enables organizations to support their comprehensive data management needs for modern data platforms such as Cassandra, Datastax Enterprise (DSE), Couchbase, Hadoop HBase/Hive, MongoDB, and Vertica. Imanis Data provides the industry’s fastest data management software with built-in machine learning that enables companies to get back online faster. The software offers extreme scale, rapid recovery, and smart storage optimization to handle massive data sets – terabytes, petabytes and beyond. Imanis Data enables enterprises to easily automate workflows and support multiple use cases.


  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Reduce RPO and RTO by making data available in the event of application
    corruption, ransomware attacks, or user error. Use machine learning to proactively detect ransomware attacks.
    Quickly find objects that need to be restored via Imanis Data FastFind™. Recover data at various levels of
    granularity and significantly reduce storage footprint.


  • Test, Development and Analysis: Automatically mask and filter data to enable data science, engineering and
    DevOps teams to rapidly use data subsets for test, development, and analysis in non-production clusters. Free
    up valuable engineering resources, eliminate wait time, and minimize creation of multiple data workflows.


  • Archive and Retention: Automate the archival of older, less frequently used data to different tiers, including
    Amazon Glacier. Run secondary workloads with Imanis Data’s compute infrastructure. Enforce compliance and
    retention policies to prevent data modification or deletion.




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