A Technical Perspective on the Imanis Data Platform

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A Technical Perspective on the Imanis Data Platform

Over the past decade, the emergence of social media, mobile, and cloud technologies has created vast quantities of data, or “Big Data”, and its associated storage. More recent developments in the Internet of Things, and the widespread adoption of these platforms, have accelerated the Big Data growth to new levels.


Early technology adopters such as Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook had to find economical ways to store and process this Big Data. Commercial third party technologies were not an option since they are very expensive and not designed to handle the growth and scale of Big Data. Consequently, these companies resorted to developing in-house solutions that could scale-up to handle the data volumes and growth, and leveraged industry- standard hardware to align with open source economics. Eventually, they open-sourced their software to make it available to other companies facing similar challenges.




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