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Highly Scalable Data Management for Vertica

Vertica is an ideal database for large, rapidly growing data sets that require fast query performance. The database has seen great traction for mission-critical applications in gaming, social media, entertainment and financial services. As more business-critical applications are built on the Vertica platform, the risk of downtime or data loss increases substantially and can severely impact your revenue and business reputation. These all-too-common risks make rapid data recovery of the Vertica infrastructure absolutely essential to sustaining business operations.


Although modern data platforms like Vertica have basic data redundancy built into them, redundancy alone isn’t enough to protect companies from large-scale loss of mission-critical data resulting from user errors, ransomware, or application corruption. Platform tools or home grown solutions are severely limited in capabilities and cannot handle the large volume of data, so companies need a new approach to manage their Vertica applications. They need intelligent systems to effectively manage and quickly clone or recover it so they can get up and running faster with minimal downtime. More intelligent, rapid data management is a must-have in today’s modern data world.



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