Data Orchestration for Big Data Infrastructure

Recovery-centric data orchestration to help you protect against data loss, deliver applications faster and minimize compliance risk.

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Multiple Big Data Platforms, One Solution

Backup and recover your Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop, MongoDB, and/or Vertica data assets in a single pane of glass. API level integrations allow you manage multiple, modern data platforms in one solution even across different versions of the same technology.

Supported Integrations

Application-Aware Data Backups & Restores

Imanis Data has developed “application-aware” software that not only backs up the data elements, but also incorporates metadata such as file/directory attributes and table/database schemas. This essential information is retained along with the restore point, and — upon a user’s request — is then restored back to the production cluster with the data itself.

Save Time, Money and Headaches

Explore the leading backup, recovery, and test data management software for your Cassandra/DSE, Couchbase, Hadoop, MongoDB, and/or Vertica data.

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