Taking Backup out of Human Hands

Introducing Imanis Data v4.0

Today is an exciting day for us as we announce a major new release of the Imanis Data Management Platform. This latest release includes multiple industry firsts including autonomous backup, any-point-in-time recovery (APITR) for multiple NoSQL databases, enhanced ransomware prevention, as well as numerous Imanis Data management enhancements.

Why is this Important?

According to recent research from ESG, 78% of organizations currently use NoSQL databases and an additional 18% plan to in the future.  Additionally, 84% of organizations are already using or are interested in using Hadoop.  In other words, Hadoop and NoSQL applications are running in virtually every enterprise on-premises and in the cloud. While on-premises and cloud-based Hadoop and NoSQL deployments are proliferating rapidly, innovation around enterprise data management tools has not kept pace – exposing organizations to data loss, downtime, and cyber-attacks. This is the problem Imanis Data set out to solve, and with 4.0 we have taken another big step forward in doing just that!

What’s in the News?

Version 4.0 of the Imanis Data Management Platform (IDMP) builds on our technology leadership with multiple industry firsts, including:

  • Imanis SmartPolicies™ delivers industry-first autonomous, machine learning-powered backup for NoSQL and Hadoop.
  • Imanis ThreatSense™ Intelligence Augmentation integrates human feedback with our machine learning-powered anomaly detection for applications including ransomware and malicious attack prevention.
  • Industry-first automated any-point-in-time recovery (APITR) for NoSQL optimizes recovery time and delivers complete recovery point flexibility.
  • Enhanced enterprise capabilities expand our database ecosystem leadership and further simplify the user experience.

Let’s look at each one of these in more detail.

Industry-First Machine Learning Data Management

With this release, Imanis Data is the first company to introduce autonomous backup powered by machine learning. With Imanis SmartPolicies™, enterprise customers no longer need to worry about how to meet required recovery point objectives (RPOs), for example when to run backups or how frequently. Instead, they can now simply specify the desired RPO and Imanis SmartPolicies™ does the rest. Based upon numerous metrics – including desired RPO, criticality and volume of data to be protected, primary cluster workloads, and daily or seasonal resource utilization – SmartPolicies™ will determine the most efficient way to achieve the desired RPO. If an RPO can’t be met, for example where production systems are always too busy, or computing resources are insufficient, then Imanis SmartPolicies™ provides recommendations that can make the RPO executable. All of this saves enterprises time and cost by reducing the human overhead required to manage the backup process, avoids the risk of missed RPOs, and eliminates human error.

Imanis ThreatSense™ ransomware detection is also enhanced in this release and now includes Intelligence Augmentation, which allows users to report false-positives only identifiable through human observation. This data is fed back into the machine learning model, eliminating specific anomalies, reducing false-positives, and making detection even more effective.

We believe that machine learning is the future of enterprise data management and with this announcement we are radically changing the landscape.

Automated Any-Point-in-Time Recovery for NoSQL

In order to eliminate data loss, customers want the ability to recover their database to any specified point in time (e.g. right before someone corrupted a database) rather than when the database was last backed up. Existing NoSQL backup options, including the previous version of our software, were only able to restore data to a point in time when the incremental backups were performed and not to any point in time between incremental backups. For a customer, this would result in some data loss corresponding to all data that was created since the incremental backup being restored.

With this release, Imanis Data becomes the first and only vendor to provide fully automated APITR for multiple NoSQL databases. Enterprises will no longer be limited to fixed blocks of recovery time, but instead will be able to restore data to any point in time, providing the ultimate in recovery flexibility.

While this capability has been considered table stakes for recovery of relational databases, it has been lacking for NoSQL, which makes this announcement an important step in enabling organizations to widely deploy NoSQL databases for business-critical applications.

Enhanced Enterprise Management

The latest release further expands Imanis Data’s market leading ecosystem of supported Hadoop, and NoSQL platforms including Apache Cassandra, Apache HBASE, Cloudera, Couchbase, DataStax, Hadoop, HDInsight, HortonWorks, Microsoft ADLS, MongoDB, and Vertica platforms.  Specifically, this release adds support for DSE 5.1.11, Couchbase 5.5, Hortonworks 2.6.5, CDH 6.0, and Vertica 9.1.  Additionally, the latest release includes usability enhancements to Imanis Data FastFind, including job tag listing and a browsable catalog for simple recovery.

To check out all the details, visit our launch page here.

We are pretty much on the road the entire month of September, spreading the word about our solution, and we’d love to see you at an upcoming event.  Come see us at Couchbase Connect – Sept. 19 in San Jose, Calif. at the Convention Center, or at Microsoft Ignite – Sept. 24-28 in Orlando, Fla. at the Orange County Convention Center, booth # 841.

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