Cloud Migration, Simplified

Long-term retention, archiving, database migrations across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other leading public cloud platforms

One Solution for All Your Cloud Data Mobility Needs

Whether you’re moving all or part of your data from on-premises to cloud, cloud to cloud, or using the cloud for test/dev, data protection, archive, or disaster recovery, Imanis Data can help.

Product Features

Full data center to cloud

Seamlessly move massive amounts of existing data to new cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud

Keep some production workloads on-prem while moving others to the cloud — without compromising security or efficiency.

Cloud to Cloud

Migrate data between cloud vendors to switch or to back up on a different vendor as a part of your DR plan.

Cloud Data Protection

Backup and archive on-prem or cloud applications data to cloud storage to facilitate recovery and DR.

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Why Imanis Data for Cloud Migration

Imanis Data helps avoid and overcome many of the frustrating and risky challenges of migrating data to the cloud.

APIs and File Object Storage

Traditional file system APIs don’t work with object storage. Imanis Data provides integration with a variety of object storage systems.

Constant Correlation

Big data workloads need constant correlation of compute and storage. Imanis Data separates the two to maintain the independence of elastic storage as data grows.

Bandwidth Cost

The cost of moving petabytes of data presents a challenge for Big Data cloud migration. Imanis Data reduces bandwidth needs with deduplication, compression, and incremental-forever backups.

Data Security

A top concern about putting data in the cloud is its security. Imanis Data enhances data security by encrypting it both in transit and at rest.

Recovery Time Objectives

Restoring data from cloud can take a long time. Imanis Data helps reduce this impact by caching recent backups and archives locally, and migrating older backups and archives to the cloud.

Integrates With All Major Cloud Providers

No matter which cloud provider you choose, Imanis Data has you covered.

Imanis Data provides deep integration with all the major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

With support for tiered cloud storage options, a petabyte-scale architecture and significant cost savings from block-level deduplication and compression, Imanis Data is a natural fit for your Big Data cloud strategy.
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