Why Data Awareness Matters for Modern Data Management

Imanis Data recently added another leading global retailer to the list of organizations who have entrusted us to provide complete data management for their business critical data lakes. This win is particularly noteworthy because Imanis Data was selected over a heritage data management company, CommVault. In this blog we’ll discuss the role of data awareness and how only Imanis Data is architected to address the needs of backup, recovery, and disaster recovery for Hadoop and NoSQL workloads.

The Customer

Leading global retail organization.

The Problem

The company relies on a large data warehouse hosted natively on Azure Data Lake Store to serve global enterprise operational reporting, business analytics, and BI reporting.  The customer needed a solution that provided not just backup and recovery but also disaster recovery.

The Solution

The customer deployed the Imanis Data Management Platform running natively on Azure cloud.

Why Imanis Data

After head-to-head testing, several key factors contributed to Imanis Data being selected over CommVault, including:

Scalable, Data-Aware Architecture – Unlike heritage solutions like CommVault that are designed for RDBMS and on-premises environments, Imanis Data is architected from the ground up for the massive scale of Big Data applications, and our data-aware approach enables us to backup, recover, and mirror data in an ADLS environment ensuring data integrity, consistency, and retaining all the attributes of the files being managed.
Cloud Native Solution – Imanis Data is an Azure Cloud native solution and is tightly integrated with Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Blob Storage.
Breadth of Use-Case Support – Imanis Data delivered data management support for multiple customer use-cases including backup/recovery and disaster recovery.
Partnership with Microsoft – Imanis Data is a certified Azure Cloud solution, and the customer was introduced to Imanis Data thru our partnership with Microsoft.
Ease of Acquisition – Imanis Data is available via Azure Marketplace making acquisition and deployment straight forward and hassle free.


The combined offering of Imanis Data on Azure Cloud and integration with Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Store enabled the customer to migrate to the cloud faster, protect critical data assets from application or human error, and manage their data lake throughout the data lifecycle.

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